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April 2018

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  • Violating Scuba Diving Rules and Training
  • My Path to Becoming a Marine Biologist

  • Survive Any Dive Catastrophe!
  • Recent AUE Activities

  • How to Stay Calm and Avoid Panic While Scuba Diving
  • Coral Reef Conditions Are About to Get a Lot Worse

  • Don't be 'That Diver'
  • Why You Need to Read the Manual for Your Dive Computer

  • What to Do if You're Left Behind
  • The Secret to Neutral Buoyancy Underwater

  • Training Tips: Proper Weighting When Diving
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Dive Equipment

  • How to Use SCUBA Compass Underwater
  • Five Tips for the Best Safety Stop

  • A Wake-Up Call: When to Abort a Dive
  • Five Bad Scuba Diving Habits

  • Continuing Dive Education
  • How to Reduce Weight When You Dive?

  • Eating Chocolate Before Diving
  • What are the Complications of Diving with Diabetes?

  • Why Divers Panic and How to Deal With It.
  • Top 10 Tips to Make Ear Clearing Easier

  • Decompression Sickness and Scuba Diving
  • How to Ascend from a Dive

  • Boat-Diving Safety Considerations

  • 3 Health Tips for Aging Divers
  • How to Improve Your Buoyancy

  • 7 Tips for Staying Warm Underwater
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

  • Lessons for Life: Lack of Training, Prep Spells Doom
  • Steel Tank Causes Diver to Become Inverted on Descent

  • Gear, Practice, Training Are the Keys to Successful SelfRescue in Scuba Diving
  • Build A Save-A-Dive Kit

  • Decoding the Song of the Humpback Whale
  • Five Tips for Compass Navigation Underwater

  • Diving Tips: Save Your Breath
  • Member Announcements

  • What To Do When Your Divemaster Is Wrong
  • Magic in the Middle of Nowhere: The Gulf of Mexico's Flower Garden Banks

  • NOAA Announces $9 Million in Ocean Education Grants to National Aquariums
  • 10 Pieces of Gear Every Diver Should Know How to Use

    5 Tips for Saving Air
  • The Nitrox Myth?

  • Lessons For Life
  • Fatal one way trip to the bottom

    What the Mature Diver Needs to Know About Fitness
  • Summer Cookout Photos
  • Summer of the Shark!

    Lessons for Life
  • Dr. Frank O. Richards - Member of the Month
  • Editor's Corner

  • Letter from the President to all AUE Members.
  • This month's featured article by John Brumm:
  • Tips for Wearing Less Weight While Diving.

  • Death: A Diver’s Risk, by John Calloway.
  • "Why Do We Dive?" by Alex Adams.
  • 7 Tips for Diving in Low Visability, by Jim Bartlett .

The first edition of our newsletter. The Art of Diving, written by Sheryl May - from the Diverse Orlando’s Website. Is Diving a Sport? Taken from Dive